Why Is Finding The Right Designer So Difficult?

There are thousands of available designers willing to work with you at any given moment! Choosing one, though, can feel like picking out of a hat. Your website is too important for that, though.

In order to pick the right designer, you’ll need to get some terms straight. Let’s start with an important one: user experience.


User Experience

By now you’ve probably heard the term user experience thrown around a lot. Unfortunately, most people who promise good user experiences don’t understand what it actually means.

A user’s experience with your brand begins with the very first time they hear about it and continues as they read about it, google it and view your website. And your website is where all the magic happens – so once they have arrived, don’t waste the opportunity with a poorly crafted user experience.

However, before you can get an optimized user experience to keep visitors interested, you need to answer one very important question. A question that 90% of designers never ask and the answer will allow the website to be 10X more effective.

Why do you want a website in the first place?

That is the single most important topic we will cover during our initial discussion. If you don’t know, that’s totally fine – part of my job is to help you discover the answer and you definitely will. There are tons of good answers, including:

  • To bring in more revenue or increase sales.
  • Grow your email subscriber list.
  • Generate more leads and get more clients.

Everyone’s reason for wanting a website is specific to them and often has multiple aspects. And every website needs to be uniquely designed to achieve those goals.


Are My Services A Good Fit For You?

Not everyone is a good fit for my services. And since I won’t take on a project unless I’m 100% confident it will be a worthwhile investment for you, there are some quick and important qualifications to ensure we would be able to work together.

You should work with me if:

✔  You understand a great user experience relies on a thought-out design.
✔  You are excited to see the design process through to the end.
✔  You recognize a designer’s decisions are backed by years of experience.
✔  You want to make an investment into the success of your product.

You shouldn’t work with me if:

✖  You think design means making the product look pretty.
✖  You are not interested in being a constructive part of the design process.
✖  You believe designers’ decisions are based on subjective preferences.
✖  You expect a quick and cheap turnaround.